nesting herons

So this summer thus far has found me in the midst of home repairs and remodeling which has kept me away from weekend journeys with my camera. Imagine my surprise and humbling luck when I discovered a heron nest in my own backyard! My best guess, based on what I’ve seen of them, is thatContinue reading “nesting herons”


some days i am pretty where my wild things seem to bloom other days i chance the mirror to find dead sea eyes staring back at me some days i am a ghost letting the world take hold and strangle me other days i am a wolf, howling loudly with every bit of surety someContinue reading “pneuma”


at horizon’s last dance i clench the sun with unfettered wings in waning stance no great rush to touch the void too much ado adjoining burns with such a choice subject to learn each yearn shall find its voice in turn in ethereal parade cluttering the sky the dreams and fears of pilgrimages forlorn collideContinue reading “fuse”


deep in my earth your words survive there beneath the ageless, the night, the moon’s silken eyes deep in my earth your words quietly stroke a palace of blues, of grays, of an artist reborn as a lover awoke


  in daily baths of melancholy with no grand speed ascending from caverns carved by nature’s creed through muddy morsels a fairy born a blushing pixie to the moon a darkened path, unlikely guide slow steps from its cocoon unfurling petals as moon gods sing the song of its mythical fate to reach beyond thoseContinue reading “lotus”

lilacs and wine

fear my foe, in every opportunity to wane the wine of me to pluck the lilacs i breathe to drink this every possibility that soaks my flesh in feathery fear my foe, that triesthat lies to ground this me to clip my wings this me that need not close her eyes to hear the riverContinue reading “lilacs and wine”


my plainness dreams in color from the burrows of its gray because my dullness reaches for the sun but becomes distracted by the raven’s wing because my quiet screams in novels yet refrains its syllables for the knowing oak’s embrace because my eau de nil grows thicker despite the worldly weeds that stay captured thisContinue reading “because”


for it not for the incantation wielding me to adjourn my eyes to the unlit of day where the air smells different, and the clouds, those unrestricted teardrops fall willingly to my sides the easiness that comes for some so easily would not stroke my anxiety it is then, i for a time, become stillContinue reading “barter”


drifting in this cosmic womb of rain to you, this harbour beneath the shore my mind resigning its weight, a bare jewel afloat, to kelp fields, dense and fragments dark, guiding in this underwater dance floor traversing through your canopies wild seasons unfold before my eyes gardens spring blooms from a winter’s release while theContinue reading “harbour”

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