the scent that bemoans me of a dying rose not of death inferring, but of life preserving through its folds it clutches senses charting courses through darkened, rusted fences or atop mountains shedding waterfalls as a love commences unyielding layers, partaking of endless shades anew unfurling through time, a slow peruse all in a smell,Continue reading “aionion”

losing a religion

you almost made it be losing this religion that brides within me scriptures perching throughout the trees a braille for these blinded eyes to struggle and see waiting like tombs simply to be freed fingers weeping, longing within this recluse of me paled to the dreams fighting against the every day baptized in a fire,Continue reading “losing a religion”


‬ lace puddles weave between the weeds of the sea lapping slowly gingerly resting upon the shallows in she barefoot in silt paths she roams collecting pieces from the liquid mirror shored ——for the sea remembers captured these images from a day on the beach and was enraptured at how I was able to captureContinue reading “mirror”


this air we breathe it carries me beyond the clutter of unspoken dreams to this forest overgrowing in me lending thread from thatch and moss sewing wings from leaves of most archaic of trees -just breathe-


the sun drops beneath the day as twilight emerges from your touch a quiet awakening of dreams our moon holds -just breathe-

wildly so-photography

my heart it bleeds, wildly so I captured these images during this season i like to call the awakening, I take every opportunity to find new trails and beloved known ones to find my own sense of renewal. Nature shall always mimic life as with every new journey, a new bloom unfurls. Thank you forContinue reading “wildly so-photography”

these roots

deep into the hollow in the moss of free where the river parts and the roots swell beneath of me   til the day is dawn and the night finds the blackbird’s call i shall be i shall simply be   This piece was inspired by the lyrics of Maria Brink in her song Roots.Continue reading “these roots”