daylight slowly sips the shadows and sparks her carefree blooms this little precious captured my eye on a recent hike and I loved the way it refused to conform to “proper growing standards”. I liken it to being in love with both the sun and the moon in its sideways stature. For more of myContinue reading “carefree”

abandoned places, nature’s paces:photography

Often my photography for “dead” things is misinterpreted as morbid. When I get such a reaction I think to myself how can they not see how beautiful this is?! For me, an abandoned home in its silence is offering you a glimpse of two things. The beauty that can and still resides in “things” leftContinue reading “abandoned places, nature’s paces:photography”


  that moment when you realize just how large life truly is… a grain, a speck we might be yet filled with enough hopes and dreams to feed the barren trees… this photo was taken of me while I was traipsing through a field in the country in the zone with my camera.


through the hourglass it falls, the endless cycle of a love reclining in the shade seduced by winter dreams til it slips back into your arms breathing through the monologue of time to find you   Song for Tom/Maya Johanna -just breathe-


a patchwork of a day sewn from behind the glass sometimes in solitude, sometimes flowing with life sometimes in black and white, sometimes with hues amass sorting through, zooming in zooming out gaining perspectives of what is worthy and what need not be saved from wrong angles pursued, or the distance gaining clout to gettingContinue reading “photograph-NaPoWriMo”