climb with me

one step at a time

upon mossy walls that shan’t collide

with dreams this way find

this image was taken at the site of what remains of the Rosewell Plantation circa 1725. Capturing mother nature swallowing back what belongs to her has always been alluring to my lens. Finding the beauty and being tickled by the wind carrying remnants of life left behind inspires poetry.


the words take breath along her secret scroll

as moon gods sip soothingly upon a gorged soul


fermenting the chaos from a thousand eyes of day

til darkness hushes all, hearkening but one pair to stay


waning the tides of dark and of bright

battling there in eyes swelled in the stillness of night


trimming quite reluctantly unkept thoughts to the quick

burning burning burning down to midnight’s wick


all as moon gods unfold a heart’s silken stole

for words to take breath along her secret scroll