we etched sonnets on the trees and drank midnight in the river every time we held hands this forest in me where we carved our initials and etched sonnets on the trees where we drank of midnight from the river gorged of our dreams ….how quiet you’ve become i trace our letters, i whisper aContinue reading “synthesis”

a letter from eros

love is unconditionally true, as newborn eyes looking back at you love is quiet, on a rainy day when holding hands seems to braid colors into the gray love is patient, when voice is lost strength in understanding at every cost love is a fighter when battles concede finding equal footing, a tug of warContinue reading “a letter from eros”


at horizon’s last dancei clench the sunwith unfettered wingsin waning stanceno great rush to touch the voidtoo much ado adjoining burnswith such a choice subject to learneach yearn shall find its voice in turnin ethereal paradecluttering the skythe dreams and fearsof pilgrimages forlorn collidewhispers of elpis ride the nightbetwixt petals and diamondsas a coronation ofContinue reading “fuse”


take me to those once upon a times where wisteria strolls and hand written love was the way I captured this image while driving through the small town of Rocky Mount, Virginia. This quaint little town instantly drew me in with its simplistic fare and images like this truly commemorate the nostalgia of its streetsContinue reading “letters”


as the mist of midnight’s steps cradles the morning caress, i awaken too, with a lust for you I captured this image in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fairy Stone State Park. I giggled at first sight of the morning’s mist in its stream along the lake at the irony of theContinue reading “mist”

wild: a haiku

in the wild of mespecial thoughts rain blissfullyforest grows louder I captured this image while in one of the bayou’s outside of New Orleans in Louisiana. I love the look (and feel) of Spanish moss and how it seemingly rains throughout the branches of trees. A moment after I captured this image, I found myselfContinue reading “wild: a haiku”

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