my plainness dreams in color from the burrows of its gray


my dullness reaches for the sun but becomes distracted by the raven’s wing


my quiet screams in novels yet refrains its syllables for the knowing oak’s embrace


my eau de nil grows thicker despite the worldly weeds that stay

captured this image during a visit with my camera to a cemetery (like i often do when traveling to someplace new) i find much comfort when walking through the quiet of a cemetery. it brings upon me a melancholy of moods where i am reminded just how short life is for us all. how so many of us spend it declaring oneself plain, boring, unworthy, (i struggle with this still). it is much easier said than done to recognize we are all different, we all offer something unique within ourselves that no one else possesses. but recognize it we must.

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for it not for the incantation wielding me

to adjourn my eyes to the unlit of day

where the air smells different,

and the clouds, those unrestricted teardrops

fall willingly to my sides

the easiness that comes for some so easily would not stroke my anxiety

it is then, i for a time, become still

through a traveler’s eyes i reside

sailing upon the open sea

gazing up to the heavens, tracing constellations with Corvus as my guide

carving a path, filling pockets with celestial tokens

to barter with the seeds of the day

to forsake a Godspeed in me

Spirit of Life-Blackmill

i am ever thankful to have the ocean in my backyard as i often turn to her not so much to soak up the rays but to walk its shores, letting the salty freeness that clings to the air fill my lungs. it is then, like magic, a balance returns. i again am ready to take on the day and all its “seeds”

playing with grayscale this day at the beach paid off i think with this image and as a result carved these words from me.

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the chorus

of a forest


and how it seeds

an essence


captured this image with my Canon T7 during a summer hiking trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway of the Blue Ridge Mountains. the shades of green easily found me in my own private hideaway, upon a sleepy hollow of steadfast dreams. for more of my photography you can visit my gallery here.

-just breathe-

january doses: photography

We are a hybrid destination when it comes to snow. Known for our beaches and our military towns, those crystal crusaders don’t often stop for battle here for us in the mid south, but when they do the show is quite divine. Because we are snow stupid, I was gifted the closure of work and given the opportunity of a “snow day” so out with my camera to my backyard I went for the magic show.

I’d hoped to capture the most perfect snowflake. Alas I discovered all to quickly how difficult it is to photograph white on white, especially with my macro. The sun played hide and seek with me most of the morning, thus making it even trickier but, just like any kid on a snow day, it was fun adventuring and admiring these little diamonds from the sky and all the intricate, delicate beauty they have to give.

Thank you for viewing and please if you love snow as I do and have captured backyard treasures, please share. For more of my photography you can visit my gallery here.

metamorphosis: photography

metamorphosis: photography

Equally as beautiful as new life peaking from the earth during the spring, I am truly captivated by the colors and the absolute imperfections of trees shedding their dreams during the fall. I say this as ever since I was a child I’ve always thought of the falling leaves this way. Never to color inside the lines, no rules to follow, to simply just be. I found the following images I captured in my backyard precisely that.

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just breathe



whilst berries bathe in the snow

beneath the pines we reside

furling our sails to the shores of our distant chateau

crackling hearth arching its call to the chill of night’s crystalline show

buttons undone to a waiting solstice glow

hints of spice, a warming invitation from the blisters of the day

coat lips as they explore

the intoxication of a night, dancing through the grey

Nine Inch Nails-Together

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just breathe

great blue: photography

great blue: photography

According to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve. The long thin legs of the heron reflect that an individual doesn’t need great massive pillars to remain stable, but must be able to stand on one’s own.

Captured this beauty while leaf peeping on Belle Isle. Nearly every time I head out with my camera with a goal of capturing certain subjects, these guys find my path. This day I was focused on the ever changing leaves of the season. Knowing what herons symbolize, I smile every time I see them with a sense of awareness, a sense of gratitude, and a sense of peace.



with no harness to my soul

screams ride the fog

in weightless


I love this time of year when the foliage explodes into an artist’s wonderland. It is no wonder fall has eternally become a season of inspiration for poets and artists alike. Trying my best to get out as much as I can to capture nature’s metamorphosis. For more of my photography you can view my gallery here

the feathers of my soul: photography

the feathers of my soul: photography

swells of birch call to the sea

in a frost of life

flowing through me

from sea to summit

the waves call to me,

a midsummer song of tranquility

coax these swells of wander in me,

teach them to flow unrelentingly

you rewild this tame in me

how it breaks and runs

how it soars and peaks

arching to your sun

I recently acquired a wide angle lens for my Canon and decided I wanted to try my hand at capturing waterfalls along our Blue Ridge Mountains and within the George Washington National Forest. With a great deal of patience and a proper tripod I walked away feeling accomplished this day. I tried my best to capture the serene beauty and tranquility that overcomes one in the presence of a waterfall, the feathers of my soul as I lovingly call them. For more of my photography you can visit my gallery here