in daily baths of melancholy with no grand speed ascending from caverns carved by nature’s creed through muddy morsels a fairy born a blushing pixie to the moon a darkened path, unlikely guide slow steps from its cocoon unfurling petals as moon gods sing the song of its mythical fate to reach beyond thoseContinue reading “lotus”


  i know not the lengths of this journey as time now ticks ghostly so, unbeknownst to me, it coils it’s precious and vile tocks within the ruptures of my brokenness my tumultuous cries rise as i dance in this mirage of a storm watch me glare into nothing as the ticks and the tocksContinue reading “hereafter”


a dancer, stilled on blades of ice collecting the rhythm to a symphony of breaths far below for she, with eyes resistant to a world can find such a place as barren as she to power to ignite forgotten steps thawed in the dance silent little daggers to her breast with fire they stake wantingContinue reading “thaw”

Poe Places: An East Coast Journey in the Footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe: Petersburg

After marrying his cousin, Virginia Clemm, then age 13, in the spring of 1836 in Richmond, Virginia the two departed for their honeymoon coming to Petersburg, Virginia. They stayed on the second floor of the Hiram Haines Coffee House, owned by poet and writer Hiram Haines and his wife Mary Ann, who was a childhoodContinue reading “Poe Places: An East Coast Journey in the Footsteps of Edgar Allan Poe: Petersburg”

bewitching happenstance: a poem

She knew all along it was there dormant yet waiting to kiss the wanton air to dance out of the darkness to own the light to taste every demon and soar in its delight one day twas happenstance he came along singing to her soul a bewitching song that linked to every emotion she’d hidContinue reading “bewitching happenstance: a poem”

my black sun: a poem

my black sun how I swoon as your shadows embrace me becoming this phantom veil obscuring the world to this beast that hides within and your touch, your touch like a tornado meeting a hurricane the two caught in a trance both unsure of relinquishing power to the other to begin the decent into theContinue reading “my black sun: a poem”

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