bewitching happenstance: a poem

She knew all along
it was there
dormant yet waiting
to kiss the wanton air
to dance out of the darkness
to own the light
to taste every demon
and soar in its delight

one day twas happenstance
he came along
singing to her soul
a bewitching song
that linked to every emotion
she’d hid life long

each fiber within came awake
silently beckoning for him to embrace
what she knew she always wanted
but too scared to face

Sinful Sunday: ~Propensity~


for him her thoughts wander

his voice a haunting desire

for he is a propensity to her mind

beyond her flesh he penetrates

evoking a darkness

where only possession will

stoke the salacious fire

beneath her modest smile



click on the lips to see who else is playing…
Sinful Sunday