as the mist of midnight’s steps cradles the morning caress, i awaken too, with a lust for you I captured this image in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fairy Stone State Park. I giggled at first sight of the morning’s mist in its stream along the lake at the irony of theContinue reading “mist”

wild: a haiku

in the wild of me special thoughts rain blissfully forest grows louder I captured this image while in one of the bayou’s outside of New Orleans in Louisiana. I love the look (and feel) of Spanish moss and how it seemingly rains throughout the branches of trees. A moment after I captured this image, IContinue reading “wild: a haiku”

ivory: a haiku

frail is the hunger morning rain caresses flesh thunder breathes ivory Captured this image during a hike in the fall and with no pun intended is memorable for me as I fell getting to it along the slippery rocks. The laughter commenced as thankfully I didn’t get hurt and a rest along the mossy stonesContinue reading “ivory: a haiku”

rapture: a haiku

the blackbird’s rapture in the slick draw of midnight a stance of freedom I took this image while sitting on my deck in the backyard. I love to travel and adventure to new places especially with my camera in tow but more often than not, I become inspired by the views my own backyard offersContinue reading “rapture: a haiku”

virtue: a haiku

silence, a virtue wading through canopies wild dresses me at dawn I captured this image within the gardens of Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island in North Carolina. The statue, one created by artist Maria Louisa Lander, is that of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World. Her rendition is that ofContinue reading “virtue: a haiku”


i didn’t find you for it is you that found me when i hadn’t the words you hummed a most healing soliloquy i ran with famine legs to this thing that gave chase rummaging through weeds to hear your voice, to find your face to translate this song that longed for a knowing embrace perhapsContinue reading “storm”


my plainness dreams in color from the burrows of its gray because my dullness reaches for the sun but becomes distracted by the raven’s wing because my quiet screams in novels yet refrains its syllables for the knowing oak’s embrace because my eau de nil grows thicker despite the worldly weeds that stay captured thisContinue reading “because”


                love me like wildfire   let us dance between these hot ribbons of light cradling a midnight spell beyond the mist of shallow wicks                          love me like wildfire   let us chase as newborn sparks             leaping        floating drifting            scorching ripping through a darkness, a drought of lifetimes left ablazeContinue reading “wildfire”

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