let us slumber

let us slumber in the moonlight of our mind where feathers drift with honeyed dreams in the quiver of breath before a dawn then sail upon what it is we may find let us slumber in the brewing of loons beneath camomile leaves and northern winds crawling let us make our own cocoon let usContinue reading “let us slumber”


last bites of summer in a honeydew bed as drips of venus and autumn leaves wed It is the power of our senses that offer such inspiration to the creative within us and my taste buds often rise to treat me with such. Honeydew, to me, tastes and feels like summer. I’m easily transported onContinue reading “honeydew”


as the mist of midnight’s steps cradles the morning caress, i awaken too, with a lust for you I captured this image in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fairy Stone State Park. I giggled at first sight of the morning’s mist in its stream along the lake at the irony of theContinue reading “mist”

ivory: a haiku

frail is the hunger morning rain caresses flesh thunder breathes ivory Captured this image during a hike in the fall and with no pun intended is memorable for me as I fell getting to it along the slippery rocks. The laughter commenced as thankfully I didn’t get hurt and a rest along the mossy stonesContinue reading “ivory: a haiku”


whilst berries bathe in the snow beneath the pines we reside furling our sails to the shores of our distant chateau crackling hearth arching its call to the chill of night’s crystalline show buttons undone to a waiting solstice glow hints of spice, a warming invitation from the blisters of the day coat lips asContinue reading “pines”


                love me like wildfire   let us dance between these hot ribbons of light cradling a midnight spell beyond the mist of shallow wicks                          love me like wildfire   let us chase as newborn sparks             leaping        floating drifting            scorching ripping through a darkness, a drought of lifetimes left ablazeContinue reading “wildfire”


as rains grew greater, the night, freckled moonstones of desire became drunk upon the crackling blush laid bare upon its hearth sun-kissed cheeks answered to the fervent flames whilst shadows disowned patience to dance the stories of their day -image taken by me of Queen Anne’s lace that continues to adorn trails and roadsides here.Continue reading “hearth”


through the hourglass it falls, the endless cycle of a love reclining in the shade seduced by winter dreams til it slips back into your arms breathing through the monologue of time to find you   Song for Tom/Maya Johanna -just breathe-

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