beyond the shallows where your waves steep extracting the flavors of the sea in the rush of darkness, i bloom most silently into this garden of benthos, a blushing bride i become where you in most ardent steps nakedly roam clutching the tapestry of emeralds woven about my hair draping upon the coral of myContinue reading “benthos”

queen of the shades

minnows wading beneath the dance of the trees lending a choir to the air as earthen creatures stir but to catch a glimpse of she their maiden of the shade, their spring breathing persephone a narcissus sips from a nymph filled river bed unable to resist the breath of its perfume, she bows as itsContinue reading “queen of the shades”


                love me like wildfire   let us dance between these hot ribbons of light cradling a midnight spell beyond the mist of shallow wicks                          love me like wildfire   let us chase as newborn sparks             leaping        floating drifting            scorching ripping through a darkness, a drought of lifetimes left ablazeContinue reading “wildfire”


the sun drops beneath the day as twilight emerges from your touch a quiet awakening of dreams our moon holds -just breathe-


the smell of old books…..                         ….thunderstorms reese cups…..   ….barren trees                                       holding hands….. and you   -just breathe-

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