haiku: fifth

haiku: fifth

beneath the fifth moon

of these jupiter petals

a galaxy waits



took this image during a recent exploration of the Yorktown battlefields. Interestingly enough, I smelled her before I saw her. There is something rewarding about searching for a heavenly scent and then finding its source. The poetic nature of it among the solemn battlefields made me smile. Nature always has a way of healing. For more of my flora photography you can visit my gallery here.


-just breathe-



as if a violin in full bloom

you draw in repose

a lullaby with knowing hands

caressing my breath as it slows


slipping into your soul

trailing after notes enchanting me

i fall willingly into the depths

of your restless moonlit sea


inviting of my heart’s undress

through each mournful stroke of the bow

we find passage to atlantis

sailing to waiting crescendos

Take Me To Sea

image by Djajakarta


-just breathe-


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